Second Hand Belt


At Rubber Belt Mart we sell Second Hand Conveyor Belt. We stock four different types of belt, Split Nylon Ply, Nylon Ply, Solid Woven and Steel Cord, all these belts come in different widths & thicknesses. 

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Second Hand
Split Nylon Ply Conveyor Belt

Split Nylon Ply Conveyor Belt results from putting the thick belting through a machine and transforms it into a more managable thickness belting.

Thicknesses for this range of belt are up to 8mm available.

All of our belting prices are based on width not thickness.

We grade our Second Hand Belting into 1st Grade & 2nd Grade.

1st Grade belting is in very good condition & thickness is quite uniform throughout.

2nd Grade belting is in good condition but varies in thickness where the belting has been rubbing on the rollers.

Both grades of conveyor belt have no holes.

We can't guarentee an exact precise thickness of belt but we can get it as close as possible to the customers requirements.



Second Hand
Nylon Ply Conveyor Belt
Nylon Ply Conveyor Belt is belting that comes straight off the conveyors. It is made up of rubber which has layers of nylon ply in between. Stocked thicknesses can range from approx 12mm up to 20mm. If you don't want to pay the price for new belting contact us to see if we can provide you with a good quality second hand one that is in very good condition.
Second Hand
Solid Woven Conveyor Belt

Second Hand Solid Woven Conveyor Belt.

It has many uses including: Lining Horse Yards, Horse Walkers, Stockyards, Poultry Sheds, Piggeries.

Excellant protection to lay on Semi Trailers to run heavy machinery on and of course we have a lot in stock that's in very good condition and is suitable to go back onto conveyor systems.



Second Hand
Steel Cord Conveyor Belt
Steel Cord Conveyor Belt is a rubber belt with steel cables running through the length of the belting. Because the cables are in the middle of the belting they are not exposed which makes it ideal for many uses including:

Lining HorseYards, Stables, Stockyards, Round Yards, Poultry Sheds, Piggeries,

Flooring in stables & workshops etc...

This belting ranges in thickness from 14mm up to 20mm depending on the variety of widths that we stock. This belting is the cheapest option of all the belts. The downside to this belting is the weight of it but the upside is it makes excellent flooring due to the weight of it.



















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