Truck Guard Rubber


Rubber Belt Mart stocks New Truck Guard Rubber in three different widths and manufactured with nylon ply inserts for added strength.  Available colours: Black

Stocked roll widths: 600mm x 10mm, 700mm x 6mm, 800mm x 10mm

5" Heavy Duty Mudguard Springs & Zinc Coated Bracktets. Manufactured in Australia.

Truck Guard Rubber
Brackets & Springs



Prices are all inclusive of GST


Truck Guard Rubber


700mm wide x 6mm thick per/metre price

=  $ 25.00 

700mm wide x 6mm thick per/50 metre roll price

=  $ 1,125.00 


600mm wide x 10mm thick per/metre price

 $ 37.40

600mm wide x 10mm thick per/50 metre roll price

 $ 1,700.00


800mm wide x 10mm thick per/metre price

 $ 46.20

800mm wide x 10mm thick per/50 metre roll price

 $ 2,100.00



Truck Guard Brackets


650mm wide x 6 Hole per/bracket price 

 $ 38.00



Truck Guard Springs


Each per/spring price

 $ 6.00

Pack of 4 per/pack price

 $ 24.00


Pack of 6 per/pack price

 $ 36.00






























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