Poly-Ethylene Belt


At Rubber Belt Mart we stock Poly-Ethylene Belt. Ideal for lining Cattle Races, Yards and Cattle Panels

Smooth one side textured the other.

Weight per/square metre:

1.8mm = 1.8kg

2mm = 2.2kg




Poly-Ethylene Belt

Stocked thickness: 1.8mm & 2mm

Various widths are sold by the metre however we can cut any required width but we only sell it by the roll.




Prices are all inclusive of GST


600mm wide per/metre price          

= $ 5.28

600mm wide per/130 metre roll price

$ 624.00


900mm wide per/metre price

$ 7.92

900mm wide per/130 metre roll price

$ 936.00


1000mm wide x 2mm per/metre price

= $ 8.80

1000mm wide x 2mm per/100 metre roll price

$ 910.00


1200mm wide x 2mm per/metre price

$ 12.00

1200mm wide x 2mm per/100 metre roll price

= $ 1,090.00


1500mm wide per/metre price

$ 13.20

1500mm wide per/130 metre roll price 

$ 1,560.00


1800mm wide per/metre price

$ 15.84

1800mm wide per/metre price x roll

$ 1,872.00















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