Insertion Rubber  


Rubber Belt Mart stocks Insertion Rubber Sheeting in three different widths and at various thicknesses. The sheeting is manufactured with a cloth insert which runs through the middle of the sheet. The sheeting is used to line tool boxes, to make gaskets and on top of workbenches just to name a few.

Available colours: Black

Stocked widths: 1200mm, 1500mm & 2000mm

Insertion Rubber 



Prices are all inclusive of GST



1200mm wide x 3mm thick per/metre price 

=  $ 19.80 

1200mm wide x 3mm thick per/10 metre roll price 

=  $ 176.00 

1200mm wide x 5mm thick per/metre price

$ 24.20 

1200mm wide x 5mm thick per/10 metre roll price

$ 220.00 

1200mm wide x 6mm thick per/metre price

$ 27.50 

1200mm wide x 6mm thick per/10 metre roll price

$ 253.00   

1500mm wide x 5mm thick per/metre price

$ 33.00 

1500mm wide x 5mm thick per/10 metre roll price

$ 300.00 

2000mm wide x 8mm thick per/metre price

$ 55.00 

2000mm wide x 8mm thick per/10 metre roll price

$ 500.00