Coin Rubber Matting 


New Coin Matting manufactured with a raised coin pattern.

New Coin Rubber Matting. Ideal for workshop floors over concrete, truck flooring,

workshop benches etc....

Easy to clean

Colour: Black


Weights per/square metre:

3mm = 4.2kg  :  5mm = 8.64kg

Coin Rubber Matting



Prices are all inclusive of GST


1200mm wide x 3mm thick per/metre price

 =   $ 18.70  

1200mm wide x 3mm thick per/10 metre roll price

 =  $165.00  


1200mm wide x 5mm thick per/metre price

 =  $ 24.20 

1200mm wide x 5mm thick per/10 metre roll price

=  $220.00